Beauforte Hotels, Singapore
Part of a series of press ads targeting the business class for the Beauforte hotel in Singapore

ANA Hotels, Singapore
Part of a series of press ads with tongue-in-cheek look at the super smart Asian Hotels set

Myanmar Airways, Hong Kong
Promoting the beautiful sights in Myanmar combined famous sayings

Scholl, Odour Attackers, Singapore
Part of a series of press ads with a sly tongue-in-cheek take off of the Nike ads then running

Scholl, Odour Attackers, HK
A one off series of press ads

Sun SIberian Ginseng, Singapore
An MRT in-train ad promoting the reviving qualities of Ginseng, with as eries of B&W press ads

Jardine Travel, Hong Kong
One off ad promoting Christmas breaks

Lombard Insurance, Hong Kong
One of a series of ads

Volvo, Hong Kong
Two of many ads that ran promoting Volvo in Hong Kong

4 Winds, Singapore
Moving ads for moving company aimed at expats

John Rowles Advertising, Singapore
Part of a series promoting the setting up of a one man band business. The third and final in the series has him with ‘a half tone’ as promised in the small copy of ad 2.

Visit Hebrides, Scotland
Part of a successful series of 60 odd print ads promoting the Hebrides. The ad ran nationwide in Guardian, Easyjet and Observer together with niche magazines promoting the various activities available.

Western Isles Council, Scotland
Part of a series of posters encouraging people topick up their dog’s mess.

Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scotland
A one off ad to promote the Highlands area as a good place to relocate to do business

Rentokil, Tripoli, Libya
The client wished to get over the problem of investation in the city and a campaign was devised across the city from billboards at key junctions and main arteries to press ads and public leaflet distribution. Achieving the unusual format of a landscape quarter-page over two pages in a conservative media was revolutionary and worked also for half page format. The follow-up ad with the ‘there are many more’ line was originally almost blacked out by cockroaches but government censorship forbade it, saying that there ’was not that sort of problem’.

Baladna Cheese, Tripoli, Libya
The client wanted to launch a soft spread cheese what was ‘100% Libyan’ and to spread the word on how tasty it was compared to foreigh brands, which is a very competitive sector. The promotional material supported a citywide taste campaign at over 15 supermarkets with Roll ups and popup boards, extensive lightbox advertising and throughout the city.

LG, Tripoli, Libya
This enormous mesh advertisement was arranged at the top of one of the central landmark buildings in Tripoli, Suktelat supermarket and shopping centre, a magnet for up-market Tripolese and foreigners. It was the first of it’s kind to be seen in the city, indeed the country, and was visible for many miles around from all points. It has set the precedent and created much talk and visibility for the brand. The product sector was changed throughout the year depending on the seasons.